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#include <stdio.h>

extern int successful_rtld_next_test (void);
extern void *failing_rtld_next_use (void);

static int
do_test (void)
  int result;
  void *addr;

  /* First try call a function which uses RTLD_NEXT and calls that
     function.  */
  result = successful_rtld_next_test ();
  if (result == 42)
      puts ("RTLD_NEXT seems to work for existing functions");
      result = 0;
      printf ("Heh?  `successful_rtld_next_test' returned %d\n", result);
      result = 1;

  /* Next try a function which tries to get a function with RTLD_NEXT
     but that fails.  This dlsym() call should return a NULL pointer
     and do nothing else.  */
  addr = failing_rtld_next_use ();
  if (addr == NULL)
    puts ("dlsym returned NULL for non-existing function.  Good");
      puts ("dlsym found something !?");
      result = 1;

  return result;

#define TEST_FUNCTION do_test ()
#include "../test-skeleton.c"

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