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#ifndef _RESOLV_H_

#define RES_SET_H_ERRNO(r,x)              \
  do                                \
    {                               \
      (r)->res_h_errno = x;               \
      __set_h_errno(x);                   \
    }                               \
  while (0)

#include <resolv/resolv.h>

#ifdef _RESOLV_H_

#  include <tls.h>
#  if USE___THREAD
#   undef _res
#   ifndef NOT_IN_libc
#    define _res __libc_res
#   endif
extern __thread struct __res_state _res attribute_tls_model_ie;
#  endif
# else
#  ifndef __BIND_NOSTATIC
#   undef _res
extern struct __res_state _res;
#  endif
# endif

/* Now define the internal interfaces.  */
extern int __res_vinit (res_state, int);
extern void _sethtent (int);
extern void _endhtent (void);
extern struct hostent *_gethtent (void);
extern struct hostent *_gethtbyname (const char *__name);
extern struct hostent *_gethtbyname2 (const char *__name, int __af);
struct hostent *_gethtbyaddr (const char *addr, size_t __len, int __af);
extern u_int32_t _getlong (const u_char *__src);
extern u_int16_t _getshort (const u_char *__src);
extern void res_pquery (const res_state __statp, const u_char *__msg,
                  int __len, FILE *__file);
extern void res_send_setqhook (res_send_qhook __hook);
extern void res_send_setrhook (res_send_rhook __hook);
extern int res_ourserver_p (const res_state __statp,
                      const struct sockaddr_in6 *__inp);
libc_hidden_proto (__res_ninit)
libc_hidden_proto (__res_nclose)
libc_hidden_proto (__res_randomid)
libc_hidden_proto (__res_state)

int __libc_res_nquery (res_state, const char *, int, int, u_char *, int,
                   u_char **);
int __libc_res_nsearch (res_state, const char *, int, int, u_char *, int,
                  u_char **);
int __libc_res_nsend (res_state, const u_char *, int, u_char *, int,
                  u_char **)



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